What Is a Destination Wedding?

With a destination wedding, the happy couple chooses to take their ceremony on the road. Selecting a location either for its scenic backdrop or a more personal connection, they will invite their families, friends, wedding party members, guests to join them for the ultimate romantic adventure of a lifetime. How… Read More »

Destination Wedding Etiquette

It doesn’t matter if your dream wedding is set in a picturesque field of sunflowers or the ballroom of luxury resort hotel, a destination wedding is a memorable occasion.  There are benefits to hosting a destination wedding, but it takes a lot of intense planning and some serious organizational skills… Read More »

How Do You Plan a Florida Beach Wedding?

A Guide to Planning a Beach Wedding in Florida The time has finally arrived. You’ve found your perfect partner and are now ready to plan the wedding of your dreams. The phenomenal beauty of a Florida beach wedding makes it everyone’s dream. Whether you’re dreaming of an elopement on the… Read More »

How to Get Married on the Beach in Florida

The sun sets slowly along the horizon. A light, salt breeze ruffles your hair. The temperature’s mild, the air balmy. Seagulls wheel off in the distance, their distant cries mingling with the delighted cheers of your loved one as you and your new spouse lean in for a kiss. The… Read More »

Best Places to Have a Wedding in Florida

We all dream of a beautiful wedding on sandy shores under a brilliant sun. Florida is the perfect place to make that dream come true. Florida is home to some of the best beaches to have a wedding in the country. Best Destination Wedding Locations in Florida Sure, Florida beach… Read More »

How Much is a Beach Wedding in Florida?

The very thought of the cost of a beautiful beach wedding can stop one before it gets started. Fortunately, a beach wedding in Florida doesn’t have to break the bank. Even a small beach wedding will include everything you’d expect at a traditional ceremony including elegant decor, wedding officiant, sound… Read More »

Find Your Perfect Beach Wedding Location!

So, your soulmate has finally popped the question, and you’re dreaming of a beautiful beach wedding. Who wouldn’t want to say their vows in the sea breeze, with their toes buried in the sand? Gulf Beach Weddings offers a variety of affordable beach wedding packages at all price points across… Read More »

Wedding Dreams Package

Our wedding dreams package is just that! Imagine walking down a starfish-lined raised sand aisle and getting married to the love of your life under a bamboo arch or gazebo on a beach in beautiful, sunny Florida. Sounds wonderful, right? Get started planning the wedding of your dreams on our… Read More »

What to consider when planning a wedding

Planning a beach wedding means giving some thought to your wedding attire. Here are a few things to consider if you are planning to have your wedding ceremony on a beach: – Choose light fabrics that are breathable and will flow in the breeze. – Avoid wedding gowns that are… Read More »