Emerald Coast Beach Ratings

Top Beach LocationsIdeal Wedding SizePrivacyPermit FeeSand Rating (1-5)$ for ParkingReceptionOverall (1-5)Pavillions# of
Cotton Bayou – Public Beach2 – 80MediumYes, $60★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Perdido Key Beach (East & West)2 – 75High★★★★★$3/CarShort Drive★★★★✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Fort Pickens – Langdon Beach2 – 75High Yes★★★★★$15/CarShort Drive★★★★
Pensacola Park West (21A) & East (29A)2 – 60High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Opal Beach2 – 100High Seasonal★★★★★SeasonalOn-Site★★★★★
Navarre Beach Marine Park2 – 100High★★★★★SeasonalShort Drive★★★★★✔✔✔✔
Fort Walton Beachwalks2 – 50High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★
Henderson State Beach Park2 – 100+Medium>50 Guests★★★★★$6/Car✔✔★★★★✔✔✔✔
James Lee Park2 – 50Medium>50 Guests★★★★★★★★★
Miramar Beach (Public Beach & Scenic Drive)2 – 50Medium>50 Guests★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Inlet Beach2 – 40Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Richard Seltzer Park2 – 50Medium★★★★★★★★
St Andrew State Park2 – 100+Medium$175★★★★$8/Car★★★★
By Location
Gulf Shores AL
Gulf State Park Pavillion2 – 100MediumYes, $60★★★★★WaivedShort Drive★★★★✔✔✔✔✔
Romar Beach – Gulf State Park2 – 40MediumYes, $60★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Cotton Bayou – Public Beach2 – 80MediumYes, $60Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Orange Beach Alabama/Florida – Shell Lot2 – 60HighYes, $60★★★★★★★★★
Perdido Key
West Perdido Key Beach2 – 75High★★★★★$3/CarShort Drive★★★★✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
East Perdido Key Beach2 – 75High★★★★★$3/CarShort Drive★★★★✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Gulf Islands National Seashore
Johnson Beach2 – 100LowYes, $60★★★★★$15/CarShort Drive★★★★✔✔✔
Fort Pickens – Langdon Beach2 – 75HighYes★★★★★$15/CarShort Drive★★★★
Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Park West (21A)2 – 80Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔✔✔
Pensacola Park East (29A)2 – 60High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Navarre Beach
Opal Beach2 – 100HighSeasonal★★★★★SeasonalOn-Site★★★★★
Navarre Beach Marine Park2 – 100High★★★★★SeasonalShort Drive★★★★★✔✔
Fort Walton Beach – Okaloosa Island
Emerald Promenade Beachwalk – 20002 – 50High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Seashore Beachwalk – 19912 – 40High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
Emerald View Beachwalk – 19992 – 40High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★
Blue Dolphin Beachwalk – 19932 – 40High★★★★★Short Drive★★★★★✔✔
John Beasley Park2 – 75Medium>50 Guests★★★★★★★★★✔✔✔✔✔✔
Destin – Santa Rosa Beach
Henderson State Beach Park2 – 100+Medium★★★★★$6/Car✔✔★★★★
James Lee Park2 – 50Medium>50 Guests★★★★★★★★★✔✔✔✔
Miramar Beach – Public Access2 – 50Medium>50 Guests★★★★★Short Drive★★★★✔✔
Miramar Beach – Scenic Drive2 – 30Medium>50 Guests★★★★★Short Drive★★★
Dune Allen Beach – Access 432 – 30Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★✔✔
Ed Walline 30A – Access 392 – 30Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★✔✔✔✔
Gulf View Heights – Access 372 – 30Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★✔✔
Blue Mountain Beach – Access 362 – 20Low-Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Vas Ness Butler – Access 302 – 30Low-Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★✔✔
Santa Clara – Access 172 – 30Low-Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Panama City
Inlet Beach2 – 40Medium★★★★★Short Drive★★★★
MB Miller Park2 – 60Low★★★★Short Drive★★★★
Richard Seltzer Park2 – 50Medium★★★★★★★★
St. Andrew’s State Park2 – 100+Medium$175★★★★$8/Car★★★★

*Cost of Permit for Residents of Municipality (St Pete Beach, Anna Maria Island, etc.).  Certain locations require Custom Setup ($75-125), this includes Beach Houses, Hotels, etc. and is subjective based on the location, travel, and ease of access.

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