• 80-90% of couples we will never hear from after the Marriage License has been filed. This is just human nature and not to say we did a great or terrible job, we simply provided a service for their wedding day and everything was great/as expected. We do not fault couples for doing so (I personally don’t write a lot of reviews) however, this is the currency of the Wedding Industry.  So when you see 300+ Google Reviews, know there’s about 6,000+ couples who were happy, overall satisfied and moved forward with their life after the Big Day.
  • 1-5% of couples will find something wrong no matter what. We try to filter these couples out from the onset however, inevitably some slip through the cracks and make it into the Gulf Beach Weddings family. Ultimately, these couples make it more expensive for everyone else involved as it drives up the average cost of each wedding. We recommend using one of our competitors in this instance 🙂 See FAQ #1Is a Gulf Beach Wedding for me?
  • 5-10% of couples are over the moon with our services! In a beach wedding, there are a certain number of variables (Weather, Traffic, Availability of Vendors/Permit for Location)…these can work in the couples favor and at other times against. A good example of this is ‘Weather’ – when the stars align, its really something special!  The sunset crests at the right time, wind is calm, there’s just a certain joy/happiness in the air. And relief for the bride…its finally successful and done. For example, we can do everything right – but if its rainy and windy out, this unfortunately doesn’t leave the best impression. We truly value the clients that leave us positive feedback because we know, ‘it takes 6-Star Service to earn 5-Stars.’ Thank you for choosing Gulf Beach Weddings on your special day!

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