Terms & Conditions – FAQ/Common Questions


1)  What if we cancel the wedding is the deposit refundable, if no, why not?

The deposit, plus any fees spent on your behalf for items to service your wedding are non-refundable.  They are paid to individuals and companies to reserve their date and time.  This includes but is not limited to permits, flowers, cakes, supplies, outside deposits to specialty vendors.  Within 90 days of the original booked date, the total amount is non-refundable – this includes all outside vendors.  If cancellations are made within 90-days, couple agree to hold harmless and release all further financial, legal, reviews associated, Chargebacks, PayPal Disputes, Gulf Beach Weddings LLC and its associates and ancillary vendors/employees from all further obligation.

2)  What if our wedding is canceled because of a natural disaster, Hurricane, Tornado, … can we get a refund?
You may have the choice to apply the fee to another date, time or location. This date must be discussed and agreed upon to avoid conflicts with previous bookings.

3)  If we book our wedding (Officiate, Setup Crew, Photography, Videography) and then cancel specific vendors after the date – is this money take off the balance or refunded?
Vendors that are reserved on your behalf and deposits left at the time of booking may be subject to forfeiture.  Keep in mind when we reserve the date on the calendar, these vendors forego future bookings and hold the date for us.

4)  May we customize our wedding ceremony and include family, friends and children in the ceremony?
Yes you may choose your own ceremony and include what you would like.  You must provide us with a printable word document of your ceremony via email and at the time of the ceremony with any changes or addition to our standard ceremony.  We cannot accept additions after the original registration.

5)  Is there an additional fee or charge for custom ceremonies?
No additional cost.  Please send in a Word document – we will review and make any updates.

6)  Is there an additional fee to include unity sand, blessing stones, etc?
This is more personal preference – there are no additional charge for any of these.

7)  Is there an additional cost for Weekends, Holidays, or Discounts for Weekday Weddings?
There is no additional charge for weekend ceremonies – we simply work on a first-come first-serve basis. However, Certain locations (‘Custom Locations’ – $75+) and certain times of year (All Major US Holidays and their Weekends – $100+) require additional setup time/preparation and are subject to ‘Custom Location’ costs, permits, premium and/or fees associated.  The reason is to adequately prepare for the popularity of the date (Incentive Pay to Team Members) and Additional Preparation (Setup Timing, Traffic, Parking, etc.) and therefore subject to reasonable additional costs associated.

8)  Can our pets be include in the ceremony or wedding party?
Technically, No. Almost all locations do not allow pets/dogs/etc. however, there are exceptions. Please contact us to confirm.

9)  Can we have singers and music during the ceremony?
Yes – we can provide a PA System with the appropriate 1/4″ microphone jacks.

10)  Do you charge extra for rehearsal and why?
Yes there is an additional $125 fee of for rehearsal.  $150 for Anna Maria Island, Sarasota, and Panhandle Locations.

11)  May we use our own officiate?
Yes you may use your own officiate.  If you use your own officiate we are not responsible for any aspect of the ceremony, guest control, signs or marriage license filing.  We are certainly here to help – just ask!

12)  Do the Rabbi and Priest charge the same fee as the notary and minister?
No – The fee for the Rabbi and Priest is to be discussed and paid directly to them.

13)  Outside vendors and direct booking with your own vendors?
We are not responsible for any service provided by outside vendors, booked or paid for directly.

14)  How do we get the pictures / video / recorded music?
Images & Video are sent via Email Link for download.  Content produced by hired vendors are released at the discretion of Gulf Beach Weddings and not the vendor direct.  This includes:  pictures, video, music, etc. that can be recorded and/or used for promotional purposes.  In special circumstances photos and video can be withheld for non-payment, slander, or damaged reception property as means of a security deposit until resolved.

15) What is Beach Wedding Studio™?

Our Wedding Packages are designed to be All-Inclusive in Nature. However, as we move toward more Fully-Custom Offerings – there is simply no way to eliminate these additions/upgrades, etc. This is also what makes it more fun – you can completely Customize Your Beach Wedding Ceremony specific to your style and taste! Please Check out the Interactive Beach Wedding Studio™: www.gulfbeachweddings.com/dream-wedding-builder