FAQ & Common Questions

I’ve booked my wedding with Gulf Beach Weddings…now what? Most common questions asked and answered.

Is a Gulf Beach Wedding for me? (Excerpt from the Florida Beach Wedding Guide by Gulf Beach Weddings)

Here’s the thing…Beach Weddings are not for everyone. Before you set your sights on a beach wedding, ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you rarely (if ever) accused of being overly formal?
  • Do you take life too seriously and get a thrill out of seeing the people around you let loose and have fun?
  • Are you in love with turquoise water, dramatic sunsets, alabaster-white sand, and natural beauty over anything man made?
  • Are you debt averse, i.e. You don’t want to begin marriage with nothing in your bank account or (even worse) in debt. Use the savings to put a down payment on a new house!

Still not sure if a beach wedding is for you? See all that apply:

  • If you want to have hundreds of guests, dreamed of walking down the aisle in six-inch heels and you just prefer rigid formality over a good time, a beach wedding may not be for you.
  • If you have a mother, grandmother, aunt or big sister who is going to run the show and control every element, then a beach wedding may not be for you.
  • If your idea of a good time doesn’t include lounging in the sun, enjoying the country’s best beaches and reuniting with family and friends over drinks at the beach bar, a beach wedding may not be for you.
  • If you have no interest in water sports, outdoor activities, late nights, long talks, good friends and 60–75-degree weather in January, then a beach wedding may not be for you.
  • If you are not interested in sand between your toes and own at least one pair of sunglasses, then a beach wedding may not be for you.
  • If you are high maintenance in any way shape or form, then a beach wedding may not be for you.

What if we cancel the wedding is the deposit refundable, if no, why not?

The deposit plus any fees spent on your behalf for items and/or services associated with your wedding are non-refundable in all cases.  The deposit is paid to individuals, municipalities and companies to reserve the date, time, permits and services at the time of booking. This includes but is not limited to permits, flowers, cakes, supplies, outside deposits to specialty vendors (Officiate, Setup Crew, City / County Permit, Photographer, Videographer, Live Musician) Marketing, and Office Work, etc. to reserve the date, time, permit and venue on your behalf. The deposit is forfeited as part of holding the date, time and location.

We are able to postpone the wedding once, schedule permitting, moving the date/time/location out for up to 365 days (See Below). Please consult us in this regard as we will need to move all vendors/bookings to the new date all at once and this is handled on a case-by-base basis. Within 90 days of the original booked date, the total amount is non-refundable – this includes all outside vendors.  Couple agrees to hold harmless and release all further financial, legal, reviews associated, Chargebacks, PayPal Disputes, Gulf Beach Weddings LLC and its associates and ancillary vendors/employees from all further obligation.  All wedding deposits and payments are non-transferrable.  Vendor payments outside of 90-days forfeit a $150 deposit per vendor, inside of 90-days all payments sent to booked vendors are non-refundable.  We encourage couples to purchase Wedding Insurance via Travelers Link (Rates Chart – Brochure). Event Insurance is also available when reserving the Affordable Banquet Reception Hall (Link).

Here is the link: Cancellation Policy

When a postponement occurs, we are essentially planning two weddings in this regard. Any changes to the original registration date will incur a minimum of the following: $175 reschedule + the cost of a new applicable permit(s) associated. Please Contact Us in the event of postponing or changing the date/time. We prefer to handle this directly and move forward or back the most amount of monies possible on your behalf!

Are all of our guests required to be seated?

We require all guests not a part of the Wedding Party (Couple, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, etc.) standing up by the wedding arch to be seated for the ceremony. There are two primary reasons for this:
1) Simplicity and Overall Organization: This allows for an overall well organized event. We highly encourage guests to stand for the bridal entrance however, beginning 15 minutes prior to the ceremony start time and +5-10 minutes following to be seated at all times.
2) Line of Sight for all Vendors: This allows the Photographer & Videographer to obtain the best photos possible from all angles available. This is also the primary reason we use Bamboo Arches where the couple stand in front of the arch with the Officiant directly underneath. This allows space for the vendors to work the entire setup and ultimately their magic touch!

*Please note, a required ‘on-site’ coordinator is added to each wedding package above 20 Guests. This is done for overall organization of the event and is a required item (Packages Wedding Dreams and above include this service) however, if couples upgrade from Simply Beautiful or below (or add chairs to their Beach WeddingStudio), this is automatically added service ($150 + Tax): Ceremony Timeline

Wedding Package Sizing:  (TampaDestin)
0 Guests: Intimacy Package
1-10 Guests: Simply Beautiful Package
11-30 Guests: Wedding Dreams Package
31-90 Guests: Perfect Package
91-120 Guests: Beach Celebrations
*We always encourage couples to book with the best of intentions (For Example: 30 Guests = Wedding Dreams Package). However, should the guest count increase/decrease we can manually make these updates accordingly. This is typically finalized during the 30-day call ahead. Additional costs and permitting will apply as these items are based on total attendance. Infants under the age of two are completely free of charge when attending in an accompanying adult’s lap and are not considered in the totals above.

What if our wedding is canceled because of a natural disaster, Hurricane, Tornado, … can we get a refund?  What if it rains?

The couple may have the choice to apply the fee to another date, time or location if a named Hurricane makes landfall at the time of your scheduled wedding, at the ceremony location. This date must be discussed and agreed upon to avoid conflicts with previous bookings.  Please note additional costs may be incurred should the wedding need to be moved to a Pavilion (if available), Reception Venue provided by the Couple, or outside location not agreed to in the initial booking due to inclement weather.  Please see our Weather Page for more information.  We strongly encourage couples to have an indoor/covered alternate location reserved and mentioned to GBW at the time of booking, additional permission may be required.

Here is the link: Weather Policy

All About Reviews?

  • 80-90% of couples we will never hear from after the Marriage License has been filed. This is just human nature and not to say we did a good or bad job, we simply provided a service for their wedding day and everything was great/as expected. We do not fault couples for doing so (I personally don’t write a lot of reviews) however, this is the currency of the Wedding Industry.  So when you see 300+ Google Reviews, know there’s about 3,000+ couples who were happy, overall satisfied and moved forward with their life after the Big Day.
  • 5% of couples will find something wrong no matter what. We try to filter these couples out from the onset however, inevitably some slip through the cracks and make it into the Gulf Beach Weddings family. Ultimately, these couples make it more expensive for everyone else involved as it drives up the average cost of each wedding. We recommend using one of our competitors in this instance 🙂 See FAQ #1 – Is a Gulf Beach Wedding for me?
  • 5-10% of couples are over the moon with our services! In a beach wedding, there are a certain number of variables (Weather, Traffic, Availability of Vendors/Permit for Location)…these can work in the couples favor and at other times against. A good example of this is ‘Weather’ – when the stars align, its really something special!  The sunset crests at the right time, wind is calm, there’s just a certain joy/happiness in the air. And relief for the bride…its finally successful and done. For example, we can do everything right – but if its rainy and windy out, this unfortunately doesn’t leave the best impression. We truly value the clients that leave us positive feedback because we know, It takes 6-Star Service to earn 5-Stars. Thank you for choosing Gulf Beach Weddings on your special day!  See Gulf Beach Weddings Review Page Here

How does parking & traffic work?

All locations are subject to Public Parking.  As the overall tourism economy improves, we expect Florida in particular to be busier than ever in 2021 and into 2022.  Please plan accordingly for parking and unusual traffic patterns.  Note:  ‘The Sunset doesn’t wait on anyone’ and thus its always best to arrive early and stay in an air conditioned car as we start promptly on time!.  Certain locations include the Entrance Fee (Henderson Beach State Park for example) however, we are not allowed to reserve parking spots.  For this reason, we have recommended time frames for everyone to arrive:  Ceremony Timeline.  Further, we recommend avoiding the middle of the day on Saturday/Holiday weekends.  Most locations have metered parking and can range from $1.50-4/hour or a flat fee for the day.  Please Contact Us if you have specific questions in this regard.

Do you offer a Military, First Responder, School Teacher or Nurse Discount?

We currently offer a $100 Active Military Discount to the Bride/Groom! Proof of active military status must be provided at time of booking and applies to Simply Beautiful Wedding Packages and above. We extended this benefit to First Responders during the pandemic however, expired in early 2022.

I just booked but my location is no longer available?

The Location and Time Booked is not guaranteed.  We are subject to different Municipalities, Cities, National Parks, County Parks, Local Government, and State Parks – we make every effort to ensure the original location is reserved as quickly as possible, however, this is an active calendar and last minute bookings can occur.  Further, other events may take precedence (Festivals, Concerts, Food Rally’s, etc.) and we are subject to cancellation.  We ask that couples remain flexible as we always work in their best interest to find a suitable alternate location and date in this rare event.

What are your protocols for Physical Distancing, Guidelines, and Procedures for future events?

Please see our CDC Guidelines .pdf here:  GBW CDC Guidelines as well as the current status of each of the Beaches we service:  Beach Status.  These are resources provided to clients to help in their decision making – as of early August, nearly every beach we service is open for weddings!

What happens if it rains the day of the wedding?

Typically the weather out at the beach is very favorable in Florida – if there is going to be inclement weather, we will be keeping an eye on the radar and know this ahead of time. We will be in contact with recommendations the morning of – ultimately it will be the decision of the couple on what their preference is. In the evening towards sunset, the weather is often very nice, even if there were storms earlier. There is a constant breeze out on the beach which tends to keep any storm clouds moving and tends to move in ‘rain bands’ and intense/brief in nature.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the rain and our vendors have been paid, reserved the date / time for your wedding months in advance. We will work with you in changing the time, date or location when possible to accommodate your wedding (additional costs apply). There are a limited number of nearby shelters or pavilions on the beach that would be a reasonable option to hold the ceremony. If there are any breaks in the weather, we will head out on to the sand for more pictures and celebration. Keep in mind some require reservations at an additional cost. Here is the link: Weather PolicyTampa Beach RatingsDestin Beach Ratings

*Please note Vendors, Setup Crew, etc. are scheduled for certain time frames in advance of the ceremony. Should the wedding need to be moved into a Pavilion and it is available, this option is an accommodation and may not include all the setup materials originally included with your wedding package. There will be no ‘discount’ in this event as we will do our best to setup as much as we can accordingly. In all cases, we are not responsible for weather related events and their potential risks associated. We advise couples in advance, weather can be unpredictable and often involves wind, lightning, and rain associated. Please proceed with caution.

Recommendations: Logistics and Privacy?

Gulf Beach Weddings offers recommendations based on location, dates, times, guest count, level of privacy and are based on prior knowledge and expertise. In the event, said Client elects to disregard, refuse or ‘go against’ our recommendations of Gulf Beach Weddings LLC, the Client willingly assumes all associated risks, responsibilities, and lack of privacy. Venue & Location: Certain beach locations are recommended based on their suitability, availability, access and overall perceived privacy. Gulf Beach Weddings recommends avoiding specific event dates and times based on a working knowledge of factors that may affect the wedding, to include: Holiday Dates, Saturday’s, Festivals, Air Shows, Volleyball Tournaments, or particularly busy dates when the beach may be overly crowded and/or restricted. Gulf Beach Weddings may offer guidance on the ideal beach location, based on the number of guests, considering factors such as space limitations, seating arrangements, parking, traffic and overall logistics. Our recommendations are outlined here: Tampa Beach Ratings, Destin Beach Ratings.

Chairs and seating – How many do I need? Does the bridal party count?

We recommend all guests are seated for the ceremony to provide the best line of sight for the photographer, videographer, and coordination.  Chair seating refers to the total number of guests that will not be up front (Wedding Party) and involved in the ceremony.  Please note permitting is based on ‘Total Attendance’ (including bridal party and vendors) whereas chair seating in our packages is for seated guests only.

*Please note, a required ‘on-site’ coordinator is added to each wedding package above 20 Guests. This is done for overall organization of the event and is a required item (Packages Wedding Dreams and above include this service) however, if couples upgrade from Simply Beautiful or below (or add chairs to their Beach WeddingStudio), this is automatically added service ($150 + Tax): Ceremony Timeline

When is the balance for my wedding due?

The final balance is due 30-days prior to the wedding date. We will finalize all the wedding details (final chair count, confirm updates/changes, etc.) and take care of the balance at that time.

How do we go about getting our Marriage License?

You may obtain your Florida Marriage License in one of two ways:

Option #1) Obtain ‘in-person’ at the local Clerk’s Office or Courthouse: Florida Marriage License (*please note you may obtain in ANY Courthouse in Florida)
Option #2
) Out-of-state or international residents may use our Marriage License by Mail option which is handled entirely through mail/email and does not require the couple to physically go into the courthouse.
*Some couples are already married and have a marriage license which is perfectly fine, we will perform the ceremony just the same except there is no paperwork!

Marriage License vs. Marriage Certificate:
The Florida Marriage License is an official document that is certified by the Clerk of Court’s Office (Stamp and Ink signature @ bottom of Certified Copies). This document is ultimately recorded with the Department of Vital Statistics and carries reciprocity across the Country and overseas (depending on jurisdiction). A Marriage Certificate is simply a print off with notary seal, but holds no weight in terms of being a legal document. Oftentimes, it’s just the name of the document that gets confused.

If we book our wedding (Officiate, Setup Crew, Photography, Videography) and then cancel specific vendors after the date – is this money taken off the balance or refunded?

Vendors that are reserved on your behalf and deposits left at the time of booking may be subject to forfeiture.  Keep in mind when we reserve the date on the calendar, these vendors forego future bookings and hold the date for us.

May we customize our wedding ceremony and include family, friends and children in the ceremony?

You are more than welcome to customize your ceremony as you prefer (combine two ceremonies, add custom readings, include children in the Unity Sand Ceremony) at no additional cost. In the past, couples have had friends/family come forward to perform readings, sing using our PA system with microphone and even include their pets in the ceremony (only at certain locations). We do ask that you provide us with a copy your custom ceremony two-weeks prior so we can give it to your officiant. Please send in a Word document – we will review and make any updates. There is no additional charge for custom ceremonies. Bi-Lingual or Spanish speaking Officiants, if available, require additional cost ($75+). Please inquire should this be required for your ceremony!

Here is the link: Ceremony & Vows

Typically, you will have a better idea of the final guest count and details 30 days prior to the ceremony. Ideally, this is the best time to confirm wedding details and take care of the balance.

Custom Locations: Beach House, Private Property, Location not Listed?

There are several options as it relates to where we can setup. In short, we can setup just about anywhere with permission and access within our market boundaries. There is an additional cost of $150+ for any custom location plus the additional permit (if applicable). This covers the additional work load to setup, organization and site planning, potential additional setup crew for the added labor needed to setup. Custom locations are not guaranteed – some may require permitting and approval from the local municipality governing that specific beach. Please note in our experience with beach house rentals, you are only allowed to have about what the house sleeps in terms of a ‘special event’ behind. For example: House sleeps 12, you can have about 10-15 guests for the ceremony. Very few if any beach house rentals allow for 30+ guests.

Written permission from the Owner/Owner representative or Rental Agency, Custom Location Waiver, and any applicable permits must be obtained by the responsible party. Because this is a custom location, these are obtained by the couple directly or the property owner.

Is there an additional fee to include unity sand, blessing stones, etc?

This is more personal preference and there is no additional charge for any of these as they are included with the ceremony

Is there an additional cost for Weekends/Holidays or a Discount for Weekday Weddings?

There is no additional charge for weekend ceremonies except for the Intimacy Package (Friday-Sunday) – we simply work on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, certain times of year (All Major US Holidays and their Weekends – $150+ including:  New Years Eve & Day, MLK Weekend, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Easter Weekend, Mother’s Day Weekend, Father’s Day Weekend, George Washington’s Bday, St. Patrick’s Day (weekend if applicable), Cinco de Mayo (weekend if applicable), Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July & Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, Halloween, Veterans Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Friday/Saturday, Christmas Friday/Saturday). Certain ‘Custom Locations’ ($150+) also require additional setup time/preparation and are subject to ‘Custom Location’ costs, permits, premium and/or fees associated.  The reason is to adequately prepare for the popularity of the date (Incentive Pay to Team Members) and Additional Preparation (Setup Timing, Traffic, Parking, etc.) and therefore subject to reasonable additional costs associated.
*Easter, Christmas Eve & Day, and Thanksgiving Day our Offices are closed and weddings unavailable.
*Please note Holiday weeks/weekends are normally very busy and something to consider when choosing the ideal date for your wedding.  Several locations have ‘Blackout Dates’ associated within certain municipalities.

Can our pets be included in the ceremony or wedding party?

Technically, No. Almost all locations do not allow pets/dogs/etc. however, there are specific location exceptions for well-behaved registered Service Animals. Please contact us to arrange.

Can we have singers and music during the ceremony?

Yes – we can provide a PA System with the appropriate 1/4″ microphone jacks.

Are Tips Required?

Tips are certainly not required, however very much appreciated! This is made possible on the balance invoice that includes the optional tip amount, if you feel so inclined to do so. These funds are totaled and pooled accordingly so it is fair to all involved.

*Please note there are several vendors accordingly on-site that make your Big Day special.  For Example:  Officiant, Photographer, Setup Crew, etc.

Hidden Fees?

There are no ‘hidden fees’ here!  Several of the locations we service require Travel for each of the Vendors (Officiate, Setup Crew, Photographer, Videographer, Live Musician, Coordinator, etc.) as they must commute to your specific Ceremony Location (For Example:  You can book a Destin Local Photographer direct however, they typically require a 4-hour minimum = $1,500 Shoot).  We strive to provide affordable wedding services to our couples which allows us to recruit quality talent from a larger geographic area, with the willingness to do one-hour sessions, etc.

The Permit is paid to the City, County, Municipality, State, or NPS based on the location of the ceremony – these vary based on the Total Attendance, time of year, and are automatically added during checkout.  *Both the Travel & Permits are updated as you make your selections on one of our Wedding Packages pages or the Beach WeddingStudio upon booking.  Please Contact Us if you have specific situations/circumstances or just have questions!

*Please note, a required ‘on-site’ coordinator is added to each wedding package above 20 Guests. This is done for overall organization of the event and is a required item (Packages Wedding Dreams and above include this service) however, if couples upgrade from Simply Beautiful or below (or add chairs to their Beach WeddingStudio), this is automatically added service ($150 + Tax): Ceremony Timeline

Do you charge extra for rehearsal services?  When is this offered?

We do offer rehearsal services conducted by an Officiant Only and takes place the afternoon prior to the ceremony. The cost for a rehearsal is $250 for all beach locations (+$50 for Travel outside Okaloosa & Pinellas Counties).  This pays for the Officiant’s time and travel. We will conduct a full rehearsal and ‘run through’ of the ceremony only (music and decor will not be provided). Typically, this is not necessary unless you have a very large wedding party (more than 8-10) as we are able to go over everything the day of the ceremony when you arrive at the beach. The main benefit for electing to have a rehearsal is to determine the approximate wedding location, flow from the parking lot, staging area, and other site specific requirements. Keep in mind the Wedding Dreams Package and above includes the dedicated ‘Wedding Coordinator’ at the ceremony who will direct and coordinate your guests. Beach weddings are typically more casual and the ceremony is very straight forward in terms of its coordination. Please note the beach may be more or less crowded the day of the actual event (For Example: A rehearsal conducted on Friday afternoon will have far less beach goers than the following Saturday time frame).

Here is the link to our Online Templates: Ceremony/Vows

May we use our own officiate?

You are more than welcome to use your Own Officiant. In the state of Florida, a Florida Notary, Judge, or Lawyer are the only individuals who can execute the Marriage License. You may also have a licensed minister sign the bottom portion of the license (*Please note they will need to have a License # in order for this to be valid).

This will not discount the price of the package. We do require that you fill out an Officiate Waiver Form prior to the 30-day confirmation call. We are happy to answer any questions your officiate may have and go over how we typically conduct our ceremonies, if they need some direction. Please keep in mind that if you use your own officiate they are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the ceremony wording & flow, filling out the bottom portion of the Marriage License (or Marriage License by Mail) and filing of the Marriage License with the Clerk’s office (sending it in within 10 days of the ceremony).  In Florida, to legally preside over a ceremony and sign the license you must be a Florida Notary, Licensed Minister, or Attorney/Judge. Here is a helpful resource: Wedding Ceremony & Vows

Do the Rabbi and Priest charge the same fee as the notary and minister?

No – The fee for the Rabbi and Priest is to be discussed and paid directly to them.  Typically, this is a much higher amount as pre-marital meetings may or may not be required.  Further, Priests typically require to be married within the Catholic Church and therefore almost never marry on the beach.

Do you allow outside vendors and/or direct booking with your own vendors?

You are more than welcome to use your own vendors. We are however, not responsible for any service provided by outside vendors, booked or paid for directly.

We booked a photographer/videographer/live musician for my ceremony, what does that include?

The services for the vendors (photographer, videographer, and live musician) that you book with your wedding package include a total of 1 hour. The photographer and videographer’s services will begin at the wedding start time and end an hour later (if couples show up late this will cut into their time). They will both photograph and video the entire ceremony from start to finish, then afterward take a large group shot, different family/friend portraits by the setup, followed by intimate shots at the shoreline! Our photographers, videographers, and live musicians are available for additional time ($250 each additional hour) either before the ceremony while getting ready or after the ceremony at the reception. The final edited images are sent via an email link and can be downloaded right to your desktop to be shared on Facebook, emailed to family/friends and printed off – there is no copyright as you own the photos. Video’s are also sent via downloadable email link).  Approximate turn around time is 4 weeks following the ceremony for final edited images/video (+1 week).

*We proactively reserve photography at time of booking based on availability and proximity to the wedding location. There are also photographers not formally listed below on our internal vendor list (DestinTampa). Please note because of the driving distances involved, we try to use specific photographers in certain areas to become experts. If you have a recommendation, select the ‘First Look‘ option while reserving and let us know your preferences in order #1 – 3 at the Time of Booking

Content produced by hired vendors are released at the discretion of Gulf Beach Weddings and not the vendor direct. This includes: pictures, video, music, etc. that can be recorded and/or used for promotional purposes. In special circumstances, photos and video can be withheld for non-payment, slander, or damaged reception property as means of a security deposit until resolved. The live musician (guitarist, saxophone, violin, steel drummer, etc.) will begin playing 15-20 minutes prior to the ceremony as your guests are arriving and being seated. They will perform all of the songs for the ceremony (bridesmaids/flower girl/ring bearer. They will also play for an additional 15-20 minutes after the ceremony while you and your guests are taking pictures and enjoying the beach! Our live musicians can learn custom songs for your ceremony – please give us at least a months notice so they can learn the new songs if they do not know then already. There may be an additional charge ($5 per song) for them to buy the actual sheet music for your custom songs as well. Our live musicians are also available for additional time ($250 each additional hour) to play at your reception if you prefer.

Here is the link: DestinTampa

How do we get the pictures/video/ recorded music?

Images & Video are sent via Email Link for download.  Content produced by hired vendors are released at the discretion of Gulf Beach Weddings and not the vendor direct.  This includes pictures, video, music, etc. that can be recorded and/or used for promotional purposes.  In special circumstances, photos and video can be withheld for non-payment, slander, or damaged reception property as means of a security deposit until resolved.

Are flowers included with my package?

The floral decorations that are included with the wedding packages are made of a high-resin plastic foam that is very realistic and placed inside the tiki torches, Arch Décor, and Aisle Way. We do not use real flowers for the decorations as they do not weather the elements well (Sun, Heat, Salt Air).  Only Real Rose Petals are allowed for the Rose Petal Aisle way and is restricted to certain locations, as they are biodegradable. Artificial Rose Petals are strictly prohibited from all Beach Locations!

The bridal/bridesmaids bouquet, as well as groom/groomsman boutonnière (real flowers), are not included with our Wedding Packages. We leave this to the professionals (florists) as they are better equipped to meet your preferences and tell you what type of flowers are in season and go best with your wedding colors. We are happy to recommend florists in each of our beach locations that we have worked with for years and done a great job for our couples.

Here is the link: Florists

Gulf Beach Weddings Recommendations on Timing, Beach Location, Seating, and Public/Private Beach Locations?

Over the course of 13+ years and over 9,000 Weddings performed on the beach – we have learned a few things.  We make these recommendations available here in the FAQ’s section, via phone/email support, or meeting in person.  More importantly, we have learned what ‘not to do’!  For example, Saturday mid-day or even early afternoon is not the best time for a wedding (beach goers, parking, traffic, etc.).  We instead recommend before 11am or after 5pm to avoid the busiest time of the day on Saturday/Holidays during High Season (March – November).  If you will be in town for the week, we highly recommend Monday – Thursday (non-holiday weeks)!  Further, the only way to have a completely private location would be on Private Property facing the Gulf of Mexico (this typically requires the homeowner/management company to obtain the permit). All set up materials and chairs are taken down following the ceremony as all municipalities require us to be off the beach and out of the park by ‘dusk.’

We recommend all guests seated during the ceremony.  There are several reasons for this:  Line of Sight for the Photographer and overall organization of the event/ceremony.  Therefore, if you are expecting 20 Guests = 20 Chairs.  Children would be personal preference and we recommend ‘Beach Wheelchairs’ which can be booked direct through an outside vendor for elderly guests or those not able to walk on the sand.

Certain locations are more private than others – we do our best to represent these here (Tampa Beach Ratings – Destin Beach Ratings).  The Permit obtained does not guarantee us a location, allow us to rope off the beach/reserve parking, block off the boardwalk, and/or guarantee any amount of privacy.  All of the locations we service are located in Public Beach & Neighborhood Access points, therefore not Private Beach.  If you have specific questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to call/email us anytime.

What is Beach Wedding Studio®?

Our Wedding Packages are designed to be All-Inclusive in Nature.  The Beach WeddingStudio allows you to completely Customize Your Beach Wedding Ceremony specific to your style and taste!

Please Check out the Interactive Beach WeddingStudio®: www.gulfbeachweddings.com/dream-wedding-builder

Is the Website / Beach Wedding Studio® Accurate?

All of the pictures were shot in a live-studio and/or depict actual setups, product, packages, beach locations, materials, and colors. We are constantly updating our flower decorations, options, offerings, etc. so our customers have the best possible beach wedding experience. Please note that your wedding can be affected by weather, colors and options do change from time to time – therefore, the pictures may not be exact at the actual event. We reserve the right to make these updates as new options and materials become available. We receive many calls from customers whose expectations are surpassed and find our Beach Wedding Packages better than anticipated.  We have done our best to represent each item accurately as possible on our website, but we do consider each of our items unique and handmade, subject to variations.  Due to lighting in pictures, custom nature of the materials and hand application accordingly, beach location background, and shades of colors – there are some slight inherent differences.  While we make every attempt to make sure your Wedding Day is perfect and beautiful, your computer’s monitor settings or the browser used may affect the appearance, color, texture, or depth perception that appear on the screen.

What is the best time to start the Ceremony?

We highly recommend customers reserve a morning ceremony or the recommended time frame: 1 hour prior to Sunset in Tampa Locations, 1.5 hours prior to Sunset in Destin Locations.  *Please note Gulf Beach Weddings has reserved vendors on your behalf: Setup crew and permitting designed for the exact setup, start time and takedown of the ceremony.  There is an obvious 15 minutes +/- window in terms of flexibility however, the trouble is when couples and their guests do not arrive until beyond the 15 minute grace period.  GBW reserves the right for reasonable fees associated with additional setup crew time, additional vendor (Photo, Video, Live Musician, Officiate, etc) costs, and permit fines that may be incurred.

What are and why do I see ‘Travel Fee’ added?

Due to the cost of just about everything going up (Gas, Materials, Insurance, Hiring & Training, Travel associated) we have seen our costs rise dramatically since the beginning of 2021.  Across the board, everything we do has increased 10-50% in some instances.  Further, many of the setup crew, coordinators, and vendors do not live directly on the beach (this is particularly True in the Destin area as many come from within a 25 mile radius). Therefore, to offer the same high-quality personnel/experience at a fraction of the hotel and competitor rates – many of our Team Members travel in.  We simply pass this savings on to the customer directly, only adding a small travel cost associated to your wedding.  This is automatically updated as you make selections during checkout (i.e. no hidden fees!).  Just another way Gulf Beach Weddings has found a way to offer the best to its clients!

*Please note, a required ‘on-site’ coordinator is added to each wedding package above 20 Guests. This is done for overall organization of the event and is a required item (Packages Wedding Dreams and above include this service) however, if couples upgrade from Simply Beautiful or below (or add chairs to their Beach WeddingStudio), this is automatically added service ($150 + Tax): Ceremony Timeline

Thank you for trusting us with your Big Day – we can’t wait to say ‘I Do!’