Finding the Perfect Venue

You’ve gotten engaged and picked a date… now what? Getting engaged is one of the happiest moments of someone’s life but planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. Picking the right venue for your special day can help all of the details, from the guest list to even the dress, fall into place. Here are some tips and important questions to ask while searching for the perfect venue:

Pomander Balls Aisle Way

Guestimate how many guests:

Knowing how many guests will be attending can help narrow down the search for a venue. Sometimes a venue will stretch the number of guests that fit into a space to seem more attractive to couples so be sure to ask how many guests have successfully fit into the space in the past. No guest wants to be crammed in the back!

Try to picture your wedding layout:

While you look at venues, picturing how the wedding will flow can help you cut stress later on. Make sure there are logical spots for food, a dance floor, and tables. Are the bathrooms easily accessible? Is there a handicap ramp for your Grandmother? Looking at wedding photographer and vendor blogs can also give you amazing ideas on how your wedding day could be laid out.

Does this venue fit our theme?

If you’re looking to have an intimate dinner with draping silks and sparkling chandeliers but your space is large with high ceilings, it could be extra-costly to make your vision a reality. Make sure your space has some of the styles already so you don’t end up sky rocketing your budget.

gulf state beach wedding locationCheck the Weather!

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck but nothing could be worse than having an outdoor wedding and your guests are sweating. Checking what last year’s weather and sundown was can help you decide if that space is right for you. Make sure your venue allows you to set up any fixtures you may need for shade as well as a back up space in case of rain.

Look up the laws:

Many cities have special noise ordinances in place so be sure to check what time those start, especially for an outdoor wedding. For a beach wedding, be sure to ask about permit fees, open container laws, and clean up charges.

Work with someone who knows:

Having a planner can help narrow down the choices and even suggest venues you may have not even thought to look at. Working with a bridal consultant who specializes in beach weddings based in the area will help you navigate the specifics. They also serve as experts on finding and over-seeing vendors because they’ve built relationships with them.

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