Terms of Purchase

The following terms (the “Agreement”) shall be effective upon execution of the purchase process by you (“Customer” or “You”).

WEDDING PURCHASE Your Agreement with Gulf Beach Weddings LLC (together with its vendors, “Gulf Beach Weddings”) will last for the term (the “Term”) specified for your upcoming wedding.

ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS You hereby agree to abide by and be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as they are posted on Gulf Beach Weddings website and as they may be amended from time to time by Gulf Beach Weddings in its sole discretion.

GULF BEACH WEDDINGS NETWORK The Gulf Beach Weddings Vendor list is continually evolving. There is no guaranty that during the Initial Term or any Renewal Term any third-party partners that belong to the Gulf Beach Weddings Network will remain the same. Partners may be added or removed at any time without notice to Customer.

CUSTOM LOCATIONS Certain locations (‘Custom Locations’ – $75+) and certain times of year (All Major US Holidays and their Weekends – $100+) require additional setup time/preparation and are subject to ‘Custom Location’ costs, permits, premium and/or fees associated.  The reason is to adequately prepare for the popularity of the date (Incentive Pay to Team Members) and Additional Preparation (Setup Timing, Traffic, Parking, etc.) and therefore subject to reasonable additional costs associated.

PRODUCT UPGRADES AND CHANGES Gulf Beach Weddings is constantly reviewing its product and service offerings to strive to provide its Customers with the best suite of options available. Gulf Beach Weddings retains the right to revise its product and/or service offerings, including the tools made available to you, at any time. Additionally, Gulf Beach Weddings reserves the right to add additional products and services. Purchase of a current product or service does not guarantee the exact setup – our Wedding Packages are constantly evolving in a positive manner to offer our clients more for less.  You will not be charged for upgrades if we increase features (‘Amenities’) that differ from the original purchased package.

WEATHER Customer may have the choice to apply the fee to another date, time or location if a named Hurricane makes landfall at the time of your scheduled wedding, at the ceremony location. This date must be discussed and agreed upon to avoid conflicts with previous bookings.  Please note additional costs may be incurred should the wedding need to be moved to a Pavilion (if available), Reception Venue provided by the Couple, or outside location not agreed to in the initial booking due to inclement weather.  Please see our Weather Page for more information.  We strongly encourage couples to have an indoor/covered alternate location reserved and mentioned to GBW at the time of booking, additional permission may be required.

CEREMONY TIME Customer certainly have the right to request specific time frames as it regards to personal preference and recommended ceremony start times (1 hour prior in Tampa Locations, 1.5 hours prior in Destin Locations).  Gulf Beach Weddings has reserved vendors, setup crew and permitting designed for the exact setup, start time and takedown of said ceremony.  There is an obvious 15 minutes +/- window in terms of flexibility however, the trouble is when couples and their guests do not arrive until beyond the 15 minute grace period.  GBW reserves the right for additional reasonable fees associated with additional setup crew time, additional vendor (Photo, Video, Live Musician, Officiate, etc) costs, and permit fines that may be incurred.

CANCELLATION/RE-BOOKING The deposit plus plus any fees spent on your behalf for items and/or services associated with your wedding are non-refundable.  The deposit is paid to individuals, municipalities and companies to reserve the date, time, permits and services at the time of booking. This includes but is not limited to permits, flowers, cakes, supplies, outside deposits to specialty vendors (Officiate, Setup Crew, City / County Permit, Photographer, Videographer, Live Musician) Marketing, and Office Work, etc. to reserve the date, time, permit and venue on your behalf. The deposit is forfeited as part of holding the date, time and location. We are able to postpone the wedding once, schedule permitting, moving the date/time/location out for up to 365 days without additional cost (except for permits & vendor deposits).  Please consult us in this regard as we will need to move all vendors/bookings to the new date all at once and this is handled on a case-by-base basis. Within 90 days of the original booked date, the total amount is non-refundable – this includes all outside vendors.  If cancellations are made within 90-days, couple agree to hold harmless and release all further financial, legal, reviews associated, Chargebacks, PayPal Disputes, Gulf Beach Weddings LLC and its associates and ancillary vendors/employees from all further obligation.

GENERAL PAYMENT TERMS Customer may purchase products and/or services hereunder in a variety of ways including: (i) Self-Checkout; (ii) email sales quote; (iii) providing a credit card while on the phone with a Gulf Beach Weddings sale representative; or (iv) a signed order form. By completing the purchase transaction, Customer agrees to pay for the products and services provided by Gulf Beach Weddings with a valid credit card, cash, or check payment.

UPGRADING PRODUCTS & SERVICES Customer may add or upgrade additional products and/or services at any time by contacting Gulf Beach Weddings or by accessing Customer’s self-service features on the Website. Upgrades to existing products and services will be deemed as a new contract with the pro-rated refund on the Wedding Package applied directly. The fees for new products and services will be based upon the then current, generally applicable fees.

NONTRANSFERABILITY OF PRODUCTS & SERVICES The products and/or services purchased are valid only for the Customer, and in the category and region specified at the time of purchase and may not be transferred either to a different Customer or by the same customer to a different category or region.

U.S. DOLLARS & U.S. TRADE REGULATIONS Customers will be billed in U.S. Dollars and subject to U.S. payment terms. In no event shall any transactions be in violation of U.S. trade regulations. There shall be no refunds for products and/or services provided by Gulf Beach Weddings. All amounts required to be paid hereunder do not include any amount for taxes or levy (including interest and penalties). Customer shall pay all sales, use, VAT, excise, property or other taxes or levies which Gulf Beach Weddings is required to collect or remit to applicable tax authorities.

INCORRECT BILLING If Customer believes Gulf Beach Weddings has billed incorrectly, Customer must contact Gulf Beach Weddings by email to [email protected] no later than thirty (30) days after the Billing Date in which the error or problem appeared.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT This Agreement, including any documents incorporated by reference, shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof and supersede all proposals and prior discussions and writings between the parties with respect thereto.

TERMINATION Customers purchasing a new Wedding Package recognize that the initial deposit amount is non-refundable.  This money is spent on behalf of the client for the following (if applicable):  Officiate, Setup Crew, Permit Reservation, Photography, Videography, Live Musician and other vendors booked on behalf of the client. In special cases, we can rebook these vendors and apply a portion of the money to a new date within 1-year of the original wedding date.  This is handled on a case by base basis.

MODIFICATIONS The parties agree that this Agreement cannot be altered, amended or modified, except by a writing signed by an authorized representative of each party.

NO WAIVER No failure or delay in enforcing any right or exercising any remedy will be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy.

SEVERABILITY AND REFORMATION Each provision of this Agreement is a separately enforceable provision. If any provision of this Agreement is determined to be or becomes unenforceable or illegal, such provision shall be reformed to the minimum extent necessary in order for this Agreement to remain in effect in accordance with its terms as modified by such reformation.

GOVERNING LAW This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida (“Governing Law”), without regard to principles of conflict of laws of any state or jurisdiction. Customer hereby agrees that the courts located in Florida (“Place of Jurisdiction”) shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising hereunder.


REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTY Customer represents and warrants that: (1) it has authority to enter into this Agreement; (2) entering into this Agreement does not violate any other rights, obligations, regulations or laws; (3) it has obtained all necessary rights for any content that it provides to Gulf Beach Weddings use of such content will not be defamatory or harassing or violate any third party rights, including rights of publicity, privacy, and intellectual property rights, or violate any law or regulation.

INDEMNITY Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Gulf Beach Weddings and our affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising in any manner in whole or in part out of Customer’s use of the Site, or its violations of its representations, warranties or obligations under the Agreement.

CONTACT INFO For all questions related to billing, please contact Gulf Beach Weddings at [email protected] or by contacting us at 727-475-2272 or 850-898-0600.