Wedding Ceremony and Vows

Your wedding vows are a personal choice and we help find the one right for you. You may include family members or friends in the ceremony, Children are always welcome. Unity Sand, Blessing Stones are popular for a beach wedding. We do not charge extra for custom ceremonies – please send in a word .doc or .pdf.  Feel free to cut / paste the following templates into your own customized ceremony.  We are happy to edit and review to make sure everything flows accordingly!  If you prefer to have a truly custom ceremony from the ground up, please inquire as we can spend some time over the phone with one of our experienced Officiate to design your very own wedding ceremony (additional costs will apply).  Here is a very helpful link as it pertains to the Wedding Ceremony, Day-of Timeline and Ceremony Outline:  Ceremony Timeline

  1. Seashore – A unique ceremony with a nautical theme – perfect for the beach wedding.

  2. Traditional – Wedding vows and the most popular ceremony choice.

  3. Christian – Includes a reading from 1st Corinthians & a small prayer.  Can be customized.

  4. Commitment – Ceremony perfect for all couples with beautiful wording.

Add Unity Sand + Blessing Stones to the ceremony templates above:

*These are included at no additional charge.

Include Children – Best way to include children in your wedding ceremony, also makes for great pictures.

Unity Sand – Substitutes the ‘Unity Candle’ you would find at a traditional wedding. Symbolizing the joining of couple and family.

Blessing Stones – A fun way to include guests after the ceremony, children love this.  This takes place down by the shoreline following the ceremony.

Readings and Bible Verses – Excellent additions for your wedding ceremony.

We have the following readings available: 

  1. Apache Blessing

  2. 1st Corinthians

  3. Irish Blessing

  4. Art Of A Good Marriage

  5. Why Marriage

  6. Treat With Respect

  7. Native American Reading

  8. Hand Ceremony

  9. Wine and Breaking Glass

  10. Jumping The Broom

  11. Tie The Knot ( Hand Fasting / Trinty / God’s / Fishermans / Mystic / Infinity

* Remember to obtain marriage license prior to ceremony. Marriage License