Beach Wedding Attire

Pulling off your dream beach wedding is no easy feat, especially when it comes to what to wear. If you’re planning to have your wedding ceremony on a beach, there are a few things you should consider. Think light: Consider fabrics that are breathable and will keep you cool such… Read More »

How to Create a Wedding Budget

Once you’ve basked in the glow of engagement, it’s time to start planning the beach wedding!  Unfortunately for those of us who despise organization, you’ll find it very difficult to get anything accomplished unless you have a detailed wedding budget. However, as you go further and further into the planning… Read More »

10 tips for planning a beach wedding Part I

Whether you are planning a big soiree or an intimate celebration, tying the knot on the gorgeous, shimmering sands on the Gulf of Mexico will bring a magical and unforgettable touch to your wedding day! In order to make your big day a massive success, I’ve decided to share 10… Read More »

Destination Beach Wedding

Click here for full release Forget the cold, consider Florida beaches for wedding plans     CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. – As Valentine’s Day draws near, the traditional season for wedding engagements will also come to a close. That’s why the wedding planners at Gulf Beach Weddings are encouraging folks to… Read More »

Creating a Beach Wedding Budget

Creating a list, checking it twice! The best plan starts with creating a list and taking the necessary steps to ensure you are allocating money in all the right areas. The term “realistic budget” is an oxymoron in the wedding business. Its almost impossible to have a realistic budget without… Read More »

Fun & Personal – Wedding Ceremony & Vows

Choosing the right ceremony vows can be as important as choosing the right package to some couples. We have professional wedding officiates who are notaries, ministers or rabbi’s and offer some popular formats and ceremony choices below. You may always include family members, children and friends who would like to… Read More »

Beach Parking Options & Alternatives

Parking and meter fees are not included in the Wedding Package price.  Primarily Pinellas County and State Parks require, however the majority of Manatee and Sarasota Counties do not require paid parking.   in the beach wedding package price.  Parking at many locations can be difficult during busy hours and… Read More »

Best Time & Days For Florida Beach Weddings

When possible the best days are Monday through Friday. The beach is less crowded and more parking is available. If weekends work best for for you and your guest, then mornings before 10:30am or 1 hour prior to sunset are the best time for beach weddings. If booking hours during… Read More »