Wedding Timeline

We understand the nerves are setting in…we are here to help take the stress out.  60-Days out you can begin the Marriage License by Mail Program, start to prepare your Wedding Music, and start to finalize the Guest Count!

We will proactively reach out via phone 30-days prior to reconfirm the details, go over a timeline of the ceremony and answer any additional questions you may have.  We can’t wait!

Wedding Planning Process by Gulf Beach Weddings

Below is our World Renowned and Proprietary ‘Wedding Planning Process’ by Gulf Beach Weddings.  This has been dialed in and perfected over the past 10+ years and over 8,000 Weddings to make your Special Day as Stress Free as possible!

*Flowers provided in the above picture are custom and provided by a local florist. Arch & Fabric provided by Gulf Beach Weddings.

Day-Of Timeline

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Below is a template to work from as it relates to day of coordination, timelines and recommended order of ceremonies.  We have also provided a Sample Program and Wedding Music Template to assist!  You may also add this information to your Wedding Website as it applies.  We will see you on the Beach!

1-3 Hrs Prior:  Setup
30-45 minutes Prior:  Spouse/Groom, Groomsmen and Guests Arrive
20 minutes Prior:  Bridal/Spousal Party Arrive
On Schedule:  Ceremony (20-30 minutes depending on Bridal Party Size, Readings, Ceremony, etc.)
20-30 minutes Post:  *Post-Ceremony Photo & Video
30-60 minutes Post:  Takedown
*The only exception is the ‘Intimacy Package’ which may have a compressed timeline as there are much fewer guests (if any).
**If applicable.  You may use your own Photo/Video – this is typical of a beach ceremony.  Tent Reception to begin immediately following the ceremony, we recommend starting 30-45 minutes prior to allow time following and for takedown prior to dusk.
perfect wedding package destin
perfect wedding package destin

Ceremony & Vow Template

Below is the ceremony template to work from – please note much of this is personal preference, we simply make recommendations as to flow and our experience conducting similar Beach Ceremonies!  You may use your Own Vows, Readings, Verses, etc. as you see fit.  Here is a very helpful link:  Ceremony & Vows

The ceremony itself will last approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the bridal party, wording of the ceremony and any additional readings/poems/Unity Sand, etc.  We prefer to have picture time immediately following to get group shots, combinations and more intimate shots of just the couple/immediate family.  This is how we back into our Sunset Times which account for 15 minutes of late guests, overcast weather, and simply extra time to wait for the perfect sunset photos.

Bridal Party/Spouse Entrance
Ring Exchange
*Readings, Unity Sand, etc.
*Blessing Stones to take place following the ceremony
*If applicable.

Photographer – Videographer – Live Musician Timeframe

Most couples elect for a one hour session of Photography, Videography, or Live Musician or some combination thereof.  All can be reserved for additional time however, the typical 1-hour reservation for each breaks down as follows.  *Please note the Photographer & Videographer will shoot alongside one another (however, they are different vendors altogether):

5-10 minutes: Pre-Ceremony Photo/Video (Candid Shots, Setup Decor)
20-25 minutes:  Ceremony Itself Photo/Video
20-30 minutes:  Post-Ceremony Photo/Video (Group Shots, Combinations, last 10-15 minutes Intimate Shots of just the Couple!)

*The only difference for the Live Musician is they will start playing as the guests arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, Entrance & Exit music, + 15-20 minutes following the ceremony during the start of picture time. Typically, they will break down as the couple moves towards the shoreline for the remaining time (Intimate Photo/Video).