Florida Marriage License By Mail

If you would like to secure your marriage license prior to the wedding and avoid having to find time to go to the clerk and wait to obtain your license, or won’t be arriving in time, then our marriage license by mail is perfect for you. Just follow the steps below. 

Important notes:

    • This is for a Florida Marriage License only and is a separate service from our Wedding Packages.
    • We cannot Apply for the Marriage License by Mail until we are within 60-days of your ceremony. For example: 4/27/24 Ceremony Date (Apply for license on 02/27/24)
    • With the recent slow-down in UPS/FedEx standard mail service (And Required Signature for Delivery), we recommend using ‘Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express’ flat rate envelopes (NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED) for sending in Marriage Documents. DO NOT SEND UPS, FEDEX, OR SIGNATURE REQUIRED (THEY DO NOT DELIVER).

Step 1: Pay for Marriage License by Mail

Option 1


  • 4 – 8 week* Standard service for GBW clients
  • This is the ideal way to process!

*Time prior to your wedding

Option 2


  • 3 – 4 week* Express service for GBW clients
  • 4 – 8 week* Standard service for non-GBW clients

*Time prior to your wedding

  1. Complete the Emarriage Online Application (Please use all of your Current Information on the application, all name changes will take place after the license is recorded following the ceremony and is subsequently changed with the SSA…see Step 4 Video below)

  2. Submit and Email [email protected] the 5-digit code (this will only appear for a few seconds, be ready!).

  3. We will forward the Marriage License & Pre-Marital Statement with further instructions in 1-2 Business Days

  1. Print the instructions and take with you to the notary
    • Please use ‘Black Ink’ only on 8.5″ x 11″ Letter Size White Paper
    • Make sure the notary stamps in the left margin (to the left of the lines)
  2. Send us all the completed Marriage License documents (in hard-copy format) immediately
    • Marriage License (you will receive this via email)
    • Signed Pre-Marital Statement (page 2 of the above link, does not need to be notarized). Link to Family Law Handbook
  3. Once complete, mail all Original Notarized Documents forms back to us.
    • The Marriage License must be an original document (if the Spouses live in separate areas, you can have this document notarized individually however it must be the SAME Original Document). We recommend using ‘Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express’ flat rate envelopes (NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED) for sending in Marriage Documents. DO NOT SEND UPS, FEDEX, OR SIGNATURE REQUIRED (THEY DO NOT DELIVER).
      Gulf Beach Weddings
      Attn: Marriage License Dept.
      211 14th Street North
      St Petersburg, FL 33705

  1. After you have received the Recored Marriage License from Gulf Beach Weddings, make an appointment with the Social Security Administration Location closest to you.
  2. You will need two forms of Identification and the Recorded Marriage License. For Example:  Driver’s License, Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Social Security Card, etc.
  3. Fill out the Application for a Social Security Card (even though you are simply updating).
    1. Once Step 4 is complete, wait three days then make an appointment at your Local DMV Office or Tax Collector to change the name on your Driver’s License (always best to call to confirm they provide these services as it is different in each area).
    2. You will also need multiple forms of Identification (best to simply bring all the SSA paperwork with you to the appointment).

Congratulations – Everything else will follow suit!

*The Marriage License by Mail has a no-refund policy as we are billed on the issuance of the license by the Clerk’s Office not its completion/filing.  All sales are considered final.  The couple will receive two certified copies of the Marriage License once the original is recorded with the Clerk’s Office and ultimately submitted to the Department of Vital Statistics.  If you are using your Own Officiant, please make sure they are qualified accordingly:  Florida Notary, Licensed Minister, Attorney/Judge are all recognized in the State of Florida. There is a 3-day waiting period for in-state Florida residents, this also applies to a standard Marriage License.