How Much is a Beach Wedding in Florida?

The very thought of the cost of a beautiful beach wedding can stop one before it gets started. Fortunately, a beach wedding in Florida doesn’t have to break the bank. Even a small beach wedding will include everything you’d expect at a traditional ceremony including elegant decor, wedding officiant, sound system, and photographer. Florida beach wedding packages begin at $895 and top out at approximately $2995.

Beach weddings are the dream of many, and for good reason. The sand, surf, and sea air set an enchanting wedding environment. What most people don’t know, is how affordable they really are. From a small wedding of three to five people to a more inclusive event of up to 100 guests, these wedding packages are attainable for any budget.

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Large Beach Weddings vs Small Beach Weddings

Deciding how many people to invite is one of the most difficult tasks of your wedding planning adventure. On one hand, you want to invite everyone you know to the most important day of your life. On the other, you want only the most important people in your life to share in this meaningful event.

Many factors play a part in your decision to have a large or small wedding including budget, family, and time. There are pros and cons to both large and small weddings. Compare them to help make your decision easier.

Small weddings are easier to plan, more intimate, and less expensive. There are disadvantages as well. You can’t invite as many people as you may want, which can lead to arguments with your family or fiancé. Those who didn’t get invited can feel hurt or slighted.

Big weddings are extremely memorable. They promote fun and a party atmosphere. Large weddings are also more expensive and stressful. They take longer to plan and often incur large unexpected expenses.

What is Considered Small?

The smallest of all weddings is an elopement. Just you and your betrothed promising to love, honor, and cherish. There are still romantic memories to cherish and a full life to look forward to. It may be the perfect decision for some couples.

The average wedding costs approximately $33,400. A price tag that big could cover the newlyweds first home. Another indicator of a small wedding is the price. A small wedding will typically cost in the $1000 to $8,000 range. Having a low-cost wedding allows the couple to spend more on big ticket items such as the dress and the honeymoon.

For most people, a small wedding is somewhere under 50 people. Still intimate enough to visit with each of your guests but big enough to include everyone important to you both. Small weddings are perfect for couples that value intimacy. Wedding packages in Florida provide a traditional romantic ceremony for even the smallest of parties.

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It All Depends on Budget

Beach weddings in Florida can fit any budget with proper planning. The all-inclusive cost of a Florida beach wedding is often cheaper than a small wedding at a local venue and all the small add-on costs that occur.

Micro-wedding packages are a very inexpensive way to tie the knot. For less than $900, two, or as many as five, people can take part in the wedding experience. Go for a larger beach wedding package if your guest list is larger.

Location also plays a big part in the beach wedding budget. Beaches in Ponce Inlet and Naples have more expensive fees than locations such as Daytona Beach. Save even more money by choosing a location with many nearby attractions and hotels such as St. Pete, Clearwater and Tampa. Fortunately, Florida has many museums, art galleries, and entertainment venues to visit after the wedding.

Budgeting for a wedding can begin years before the official date. Once you’ve decided on a budget, set aside a percentage of income every month. Save up for deposits first so as not to miss special pricing and discounts.

Guest List Size

The size of your guest list directly affects the rest of your wedding planning and budget. Keeping it small eliminates a lot of stress and downsizes your budget considerably.

When deciding upon wedding guests, it helps to start with all the “definite yeses” and then move on to people who are “maybes”. Carefully scrutinize the “maybes” and decide if it is crucial that they appear at your wedding.

Pare down the guest list by crossing anyone off the list who you haven’t spoken to in years. Exclude co-workers, neighbors, and classmates. Of course, couples can always go the extreme route and elope with a Florida beach wedding package.

A big perk to having a destination wedding is that most people understand that the guest lists are smaller. You don’t have as many hurt feelings or angry relatives. Solve any such problems by having a special wedding reception back home for those who couldn’t attend the wedding.

Choosing the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Package

Choosing a wedding package is a choice for simplicity, romance, and adventure. It’s also a choice to save money for a home and new life. It is important to choose the right one. Knowing exactly which package is right for your wedding is hard. Ask yourself these three questions to help make the right decision.

  • How many people do I want at my wedding?
  • What amenities do I want to include in my wedding?
  • What is my wedding budget?

The wedding package that will work best for you will be big enough to accommodate all your guests, have all the fun extras you need, and fit well inside your budget. Use these points as guidelines when looking for the perfect beach wedding in Florida.

Ask questions about factors that are important to you before you choose a package. Find out if the packages are customizable. You may be able to take out extras you don’t want and replace it with something more desirable.

Narrow your choices down to two or three wedding packages that best cover your needs and then weigh the pros and cons of each to make your final decision.

A beach wedding in Florida doesn’t have to be the biggest expense of your life. You have a lot of happy years to look forward to. Why not spend your money on something you can enjoy together for years? Buy a house or an RV. Take a dream vacation or spend it on tuition. Starting your new life with a nest egg makes the first years less stressful.

Florida beach weddings are stunningly beautiful no matter how big they are. It’s never too early to start planning yours. Book a Florida Beach Wedding with us now!

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