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So, your soulmate has finally popped the question, and you’re dreaming of a beautiful beach wedding. Who wouldn’t want to say their vows in the sea breeze, with their toes buried in the sand? Gulf Beach Weddings offers a variety of affordable beach wedding packages at all price points across both Tampa and Destin markets. We also offer customers the ability to create their own beach wedding with our proprietary interactive BeachWedding Studio!

Our team prides itself on making beach weddings on a budget our specialty. There are so many decisions when it comes to planning your dream wedding which can become overwhelming at times, but with our new Perfect Beach Questionnaire you can find the perfect beach location in a snap!

find your perfect wedding beach

In just 3-5 minutes we can narrow down the best destination for your wedding based on your specific criteria.


tampa beach wedding What is your ideal destination? Here, couples can choose between Tampa or Destin Florida and where they want to host their wedding ceremony.  Both locations offer an array of events, lodging, restaurant/reception options. This is typically your destination of choice for family and friends while they enjoy all the pleasures and options surrounding the wedding day!
wedding couple beachHow important is privacy? Many beaches are public. Is a higher level of privacy a priority, or is your big day open to the public preferred? Sometimes the Highest Privacy Locations are also a bit more remote and further from the Amenities of the major beach locations.  If you want Lodging, Restaurant options, and nearby activities all in the same spot – these options have a ‘Low’ rating but everything is closer together.
beach wedding couple How many will attend? You will be asked to choose a bracket of attendees: 0-25, 25-60, or 60+. The number of guests can impact what size beach is recommended to you.  Some beaches are limited to certain sizes based on parking, restrooms, and permitting. Only certain locations allow for larger size gatherings, so this helps narrow it down
beach coupleWhere do you want to host the reception? Would you prefer to walk to the new venue, or will the wedding party & guests be driving there? We have many resources on different venues and hotels that will be near your beach wedding.
After completing the quiz and choosing a date, we will give you a comprehensive list of potential beach locations, including their size, privacy, parking or permit fees, reception, and overall rating. From there, couples can choose their dream beach to tie the knot. 
We are very excited to launch this new tool to help couples plan their weddings and ease the stress of finding your perfect beach wedding location. With your results, you are empowered to make the best decision for you and your family by significantly narrowing the search to save time, energy and money.  When you’re ready, contact us to work on the rest of your wedding checklist! 

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