Pensacola East Park wedding location

Park East – Click Here for Map Directions
Coordinates: 30.346537, -87.058638

All of our Wedding Packages are great for this location.  Please note this location can be easily confused with ‘Pensacola Park West’ which is about 10 miles West.  There is no address for this location, it’s simply known as ‘Boardwalk 29B.’  The address in the aerial is correct however, Apple Maps takes you to the ‘West’ location, which is incorrect. Please pay close attention to the aerials below and/or call the office if you need instructions. En route you will be about 7 Miles ‘East’ of Downtown Pensacola Beach, FL. Be sure to confirm this prior to the day of the wedding with your guests.

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Permit Required:  No

Pensacola east beach wedding locationPensacola Beach occupies nearly eight miles of the 40-mile-long Santa Rosa barrier island. It is surrounded by the Santa Rosa Sound to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south and on either side by the federally protected Gulf Islands National Seashore. You can swim, fish, kayak and play at one of two area beach parks: Casino Beach and Quietwater Beach. Lively Casino Beach is considered the geographic center of the area, while Quietwater Beach is closer to the commercial center and features its own boardwalk and concert area. There is also plenty of access to quiet areas of the beach where you can avoid the crowds.

A beach wedding may be something you’ve dreamed about for years! We aren’t surprised. With its sugar-white sands and emerald waters, many couples choose Pensacola Beach as the backdrop for their destination wedding. Planning your big day on Pensacola Beach is a breeze.

Pensacola east beach wedding locationConsider holding your next meeting or reunion on our diverse and naturally beautiful Pensacola Beach. Our coastal charm and unique meeting space provides inspiration for your next executive retreat or special event. Pensacola Beach is ideal

for small to mid-size meetings and conferences.

All work and no play? Not on Pensacola Beach! There are plenty of outdoor recreational and leisure options after your meeting such as fishing, dolphin cruises and exploring the Gulf Islands National Seashore.