Gulf Beach Weddings Has Partnered With Better Together Travel &!

Two Options for All Your Lodging Needs...

We are happy to announce that Gulf Beach Weddings has partnered with Better Together Travel (Full Service Room Blocks) and (Online DIY) to help simplify your wedding lodging reservations for out-of-town friends and family!  Once we have helped you coordinate your dream ceremony down to the smallest detail, your next step is to use the Gulf Beach Weddings form direct to Better Together Travel agents or form widget, which utilizes a specific search engine designed for Gulf Beach Weddings couples to help select the ideal location for you and your guests. Just another way Gulf Beach Weddings helps simplify the process…

Option #1: Industry Experts in Accommodations (Min 10 Rooms for 2 Nights) or if you are really stuck?

Life is the greatest adventure – and together is the most beautiful place to be.

We selected Better Together Travel as they specialize in ‘Romance Travel’ (Yes, the Honeymoon Too!). With over 40 years of combined hotel sales (including the Ritz Carlton Hospitality graduate); allow Better Together Travel to remove the stress of sourcing, negotiating, and procuring hotels for your wedding room blocks; at no cost to you. If you are interested in booking 10 Rooms or more, at a 2-night minimum stay, or just completely stuck – please fill out the form below to be contacted directly by this Gulf Beach Wedding partner!

*Please note this is a recommended partner and not an actual Gulf Beach Weddings team member, however Kevin and his team are true professionals. Allow 1-2 day for an initial response and 4-5 business day turn around for actual pricing. We will see you out on the Beach!  Some beach locations do not have hotels that are in the immediate vicinity of the ceremony.

Option #2: The DIY or Small Group Travel Need


The Why: offers couples an array of lodging choices. You are not limited to hotels or Vacation Rentals, they have many selections including: Condo, Townhomes, Cottages, Hotels, Vacation Rentals and Beach Houses. Here’s some helpful Zip Code Searches to help you out!

West to East in the Emerald Coast:

North to South in the Tampa Bay Area:

The Process is Simple...

Reserving hotel rooms for your wedding party and guests is an easy process. Simply select the “Accommodations” tab and enter the location, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of people who are expected to stay in the room. There is an option to select whether children will be staying, so that the booking site can find the best family-friendly option for your guests.

Best of all, it frees up valuable time by allowing guests to book their own rooms/lodging quickly and easily. What’s more, with their notification option, you can leave the search and set notifications accordingly for reminder. Simply insert your email address and follow the instructions for the hottest deals for your lodging requirement as they become available. We selected because they are the #1 booking site in the world, and their expertise shows.

Thank you for trusting Gulf Beach Weddings with your Big Day – this is the next step in the evolution to add more value than any other beach wedding company on the planet!

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