Ceremony and Vows

Gulf Beach Weddings13Your wedding vows are a personal choice and we help find the one right for you. You may include family members or friends in the ceremony, and children are always welcome. Unity Sand Color Palette and Blessing Stones are popular for beach weddings. We do not charge extra for custom ceremonies.  Below are great templates to work from – feel free to cut / paste and edit into your own personal set of vows that can be uniquely customized to fit your taste and length of ceremony!

Seashore – Vows a unique ceremony with nautical theme perfect for  beach wedding.

Traditional – Wedding vows are the most popular ceremony choice.

Christian – Great for all religious beliefs, can be customized for your beliefs.

Commitment – Ceremonies are perfect for all couples has beautiful wording.

Add Unity Sand + Blessing Stones to the above!

Include Children In your wedding ceremony, they are always welcome.

Unity Sand – Ceremony symbolizing the joining of couple or family together.

Blessing Stones – are a fun way to include guests after, children love this.

Readings and Bible Versesfor your wedding ceremony.

We have the following readings available:

Apache Blessing

1st Corinthians

Irish Blessing

Art Of A Good Marriage

Why Marriage

Treat With Respect

Native American Reading

Hand Ceremony

Wine and Breaking Glass

Jumping The Broom

Tie The Knot (Hand Fasting / Trinty / God’s / Fishermans / Mystic / Infinty)

* Remember to obtain marriage license prior to ceremony. Marriage License