Congratulations! This is just the beginning…

Congratulations! This is just the beginning…

All the advice that is packed in this book comes from experience.

I’m always hesitant to say, “We’ve seen it all” because I don’t want to invite fate to throw me a curveball at the next ceremony. But we have seen plenty in the thousands of beach weddings we have performed since 2011.

This performance and experience have trained us to be ready for anything, and we have become pros at anticipating problems and making them go away.

We know how to sweet talk the drunk into moving his stuff down the beach, so he is not in your guests’ line of sight. We know how to mobilize your group when they are dilly dallying, and it is time to get pictures as the sun sets. We know the people to take care of because they play a key role in some aspect of your day — the front desk clerks at your hotel, the servers at your reception hall and the bus driver transporting your guests.

99% of our ceremonies go off without a hitch, let alone something that would be worthy of making it into this book. But every wedding will have some unexpected twist that you can’t perfectly anticipate.

If you have made it this far, you are probably thinking one of two things:

Either “Wow this guy knows everything about beach weddings, I’m going to take his advice.”

Or “Wow, throwing a beach wedding sounds harder than I thought. I am going to hire Gulf Beach Weddings.”

We are happy with either outcome.

The knowledge we have accumulated in over ten years of executing beach weddings needs to be used — there is no point in knowing that the ring bearer should carry a decoy ring to prevent the heartache of losing the real one in the sand and not sharing that valuable lesson with couples in the planning process.

If you learned from our experience and this book helps you navigate the process of saying “I do” on the beach, we would love to hear from you.

We want to know what was most helpful, and what you wish you had known ahead of time.

And if, as you have read this, you’ve decided you want to trust the experts with your big day, give us a call. We aren’t bragging when we say there is literally no one else in the world with as much experience with beach weddings as our team.

Most importantly, marriage is not to be taken lightly – there are items apart of the ceremony that can have a certain ‘cynicism’ in this regard. However, we highly recommend pre-marital counseling, recurrent marriage retreats, celebrating the ups and downs as you are in a forever partnership with a life mate. One particularly valuable experience is the WinShape Foundation®, Retreat at Mount Barry. This is the ideal location to focus on your marriage and each other for a weekend – nestled in the beauty of Rome, GA. I can speak from prior experience, this is another ‘must do’ as you navigate married life.

Once again, Congratulations on your upcoming dream beach wedding and thank you for reading to the end. We will see you out on the beach!

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